Perfect Skin Refiner

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Производител: Teoxane Laboratories - Switzerland
Шифра на производ: Perfect Skin Refiner
Достапност (кол. на залиха): На залиха
Perfect Skin Refiner
Skin Renewal Cream
50 mL
Optimum balance of resurfacing Glycolic Acid* and soothing ingredients in a daily hydrating
night care to reveal a new skin. 
Airless packaging for optimal preservation.
- Dull complexion
- Visible pores
- Aging signs
- Pigmentations spots
  • Smoothes skin surface
  • Decreases and refines pore size
  • Reduces pigmentation spots


RHA® : crosslinked hyaluronic acid
Strengthens skin barrier and hydrates lastingly
Dermo-Restructuring Complex
Cocktail of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins
and minerals
Protects and revitalizes
Natural constituent of Hyaluronic Acid
Glycolic acid (10%)
Helps skin’s natural exfoliation to improve the
appearance of the skin’s tone and texture
Neutrazen™ and Allantoin
Soothe and calm sensitive skins
Vitamin E
Helps skin regeneration

Formula Properties: White cream / pH: 4.00 - 5.00 / PAO: 12 months

Apply at night to cleansed face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes and lip contour area.

  • - For sensitive skin: use PERFECT SKIN REFINER 1 time a week and increase the frequency according to the tolerance.
  • - For normal skin: use PERFECT SKIN REFINER every night.
  • - For mature skin / dry to very-dry skin: use 1 night PERFECT SKIN REFINER and the other night RHA® SERUM, then
    increase the frequency of PERFECT SKIN REFINER use according to the tolerance.
Pre - aesthetic procedures recommendations
Apply daily each night to cleansed face and neck, 15 - 21 days before procedure

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Do not apply to the eyes or mucous membranes. If any splashes occur on these areas, rince thoroughly with plenty of fresh water./ Avoid sun exposure while using this treatment, in the case of sun exposure, use sun protection, avoid saunas, stream rooms and Turkish baths / Use this product alone. Do not use a skincare cream after applying this product./ A mild transient tingling sensation may occur. This is temporary. Minor redness may apprear, particulary after the first applications, but should ease quickly./ If it persists, increase the amount of time between applications and apply on alternate evenings. Once the irritation has disappeared return to normal application./ The product should not be used on persons with known hypersensitivity to any of the formula's components./ Keep out of the reach of children./ In the event of reaction during use, stop treatment and consult a doctor./ This product is for topical use only.

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